• Most intelligent disciple among 6 disciples of Punarvashu Atreya.
  • S/O- Devadatta.
  • Other names- Hutasa, Hutasavesa, Vahnivesha.
  • Incarnation of  god Agni.
  • Time period :- Between period of Atharvaveda(1500 BC) and Panini(700 BC) i.e. around 1000 year BC.
  • Work of Agnivesha:-

         Agnivesha Tantra

  •  It is divided in to 8 divisions(sthanas) and contains 120 chapters having 12000 verses.
  • Eight divisions(sthanas) of Agnivesha Tantra are Sutra, Nidana, Vimana, Shareera, Indriya, Chikitsa, Kalpa and Siddhi sthanas.
  •  Out of 120 chapters, 41 chapters were lost from Agnivesha Tantra ( 17 from chikitsa sthana, 12 from kalpa sthana and 12 from siddhi sthana)

         Anjana Nidana –A treatise on diseases of the eye.

         Nidana sthana- A book on pathology.

        Ramayana Rahasya

Ramayana Shatashloki

  • Formulations:-

Some formulations in Gadanigraha in the name of Agnivesha –

Changeri Ghritam

Shatpala Ghritam

Mahatikta Ghritam

Vasadyam Ghritam

Tiktaka Ghritam


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