कब होगा न्याय …?

देहरादून; देहरादून के परेड ग्राउंड में उत्तराखंड के तमाम बड़े कार्यक्रम आयोजित किए जाते हैं लेकिन इन दिनों परेड ग्राउंड पर राज्य के लगभग सभी निजी आयुर्वेदिक कॉलेजों के छात्र धरने पर बैठे हैं . उनके धरने को तीन हफ़्ते हो गए हैं . इन छात्रों की मांग है कि 2015 का उत्तराखंड सरकार का … Continue reading कब होगा न्याय …?


             Laghu Pancamoola is part of Pancapancamool.It is an integral part of the Dasamoola formulation .It is mainly used to treat disease related to muscles,bones ,joints,nerves and kindays.Laghu pancamoola contains the roots of five herbs. 1.Brihati (Solanum indicum  Linn.) 2.Kantakari(Solanum surattense Burm. F.) 3.Saliparni( Desmodium gangeticum De. Hedysarum gangeticum Linn.) 4.Prsniparni(Urauia picta Desv.) 5.Goksura(Tributes terrestris … Continue reading LAGHU PANCHMOOLA


INTRODUCTION Malas are those constituents of the body which are regularly eliminated from the body thus keep the body clean. It can vitiate the body (when they accumulate in large amount or decrease). “मला मूत्र शकृत्स्वेदादयो अपि च ।।” [AH.SU.1/13]1 The malas are Mutra, Sakrit, sweda etc (Here etc indicates dhatu malas). These are also … Continue reading MALA KSHAYA-VRIDHI LAKSHANA


INTRODUCTION:- According to Ayurvedic Science, the power of  body which decreases and stop the genesis of disease is known as Vyadhikshamatva. Today, the mankind is facing an increase in the emergence of new disease every now and then along with the challenge to cop up with the pollution and stress to complete for survival every … Continue reading VYADHIKSHAMATWA


INTRODUCTION :- Ayurveda is the very ancient Life science of India, which is being practiced for attaining the complete health. The benefits/aim of Ayurveda are preserving health of the healthy and mitigation/removal of abnormalities of the sick. For achieving these benefits of Ayurveda four limbs of treatment ( Bhisak, Bhesaja, Upastatha, Rogi) are described and … Continue reading BHESAJA PARIKSHA VIDHI