Nidana Panchaka

INTRODUCTION :- Ayurveda has two basic functions, maintain health of the healthy and cure the disease of the unhealthy. स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणम् आतुरस्य विकारप्रशमनम च|. (च. सू.३०/२६) To cure the disease, first step is to diagnose the disease perfectly. रोगमादौ परीक्षेत ....|तत: कर्म भिषकपश्चात ज्ञानपूर्वंसमाचरेत| (च. सू.२०/२४) Nidan Panchaka is method of examination of the … Continue reading Nidana Panchaka

Kostha & Kosthanga

Introduction :- Before constructing a house for selves or transforming them into homes , we all should remember that we are all blessed with a beautiful home of our own immediately when the destiny plans that we are going to descend as tenants into the creation. That home is called  Physical home’.   The human … Continue reading Kostha & Kosthanga

Charaka Samhita Sutra Sthana Playlist

Charaka samhita being one among the Brihattrayee of Ayurveda, considered as the life line for the classical knowledge of Ayurveda, containing thousands of shlokas. Many of the students of Ayurveda finds it difficult to read or to pronounce the Samskrita words in the Shastra, so we have taken a small step which may help the … Continue reading Charaka Samhita Sutra Sthana Playlist

मिश्रेया (Mishreya)

Botanical Name :- Foenieulum vulgare Family :- Umbelliferae (शतपुष्पा कुल ) Synonyms :- छत्रपुष्पा :- Flowers arranged in umbel inflorescence.शालिनी :- Having strong aroma.शितशिवा :-Having sitavirya.पीतिका :- Flowers are yellowish.मिशी :- Stimulates digestion.मधुरिका :- Contains madhur rasa.शालेय Different common names :- सौंफमौरीबड़ी शेपसोपुराजियान English Name :- Fennel Morphological Description :- fennel Tall perennial herbs having … Continue reading मिश्रेया (Mishreya)

बिभीतक (Bibhitak)

Botanical Name :- Terminalia bellirica Family :- Combretaceae Gana :- Acc. to Acharya Charak :- Jwarahara , Virechanopag.Acc. to Acharya Sushruta :- Trifala, Mustadi. Synonyms :- बिभीतककर्षफलअक्षकलिद्रुमबहेड़ाबलिलज English Name :- Belliric Myrobalan Morphological Description :- Bibhitak Tree Large tree having height 20- 35 m.Leaves :- Simple, alternate, long petioled and clutered at the end of … Continue reading बिभीतक (Bibhitak)

हरीतकी (Haritaki)

Botanical Name :- Terminalia chebula Family :- Combretaceae (हरीतकी कुल ) Gana :- According to Acharya Charak - Kustaghna, Kashaghna, Arsoghna. According to Acharya Sushruta - Triphala, Aamalkyadi, Parushkadi. Synonyms :- Dried Haritaki Haritaki (हरीतकी), Abhaya(अभया), pathya(पथ्या), Harre(हर्रे), Karevi(करेवी), Halilaj(हलीलज), Halil(हलील). English Name :- Chebulic myrobalan Morphological Description :- Haritaki is a large deciduous tree … Continue reading हरीतकी (Haritaki)