This is the Question Paper for Bams 2nd Year of Charak Samhita-Purvardha. They are total questions of 80 marks. Also read: Bridge Course-Curative VS Preventive System. Check us in Youtube:

Charaka Samhita Sutra Sthana Playlist

Charaka samhita being one among the Brihattrayee of Ayurveda, considered as the life line for the classical knowledge of Ayurveda, containing thousands of shlokas. Many of the students of Ayurveda finds it difficult to read or to pronounce the Samskrita words in the Shastra, so we have taken a small step which may help the … Continue reading Charaka Samhita Sutra Sthana Playlist

Samanya Vishesha Siddhanta

According to Ayurvedic science dosha, dhatu and malas are the root or basic elements of human body. If these elements are in equilibrium state body will be in healthy state and disease occurs in body either due to increase or decrease of these constituents.The object of Ayurveda has been said to be of maintaining the … Continue reading Samanya Vishesha Siddhanta