Charak Samhita is one of the Akara Grantha among Brihat Trayee Updeshta (Expounder) - Punarvashu Atreya (1000 Yr BC)Tantrakarta (Author) - Agnivesha (1000 Yr BC)Pratisanskarta (Redactor) - Charak (200 Yr BC)Sampurak karta (Supplimentator) - Dridhabala (4th cent. AD)Time period - Upnishad kaal Charak Samhita is written in the form of 4 types of Sutra :- … Continue reading CHARAK SAMHITA – परिचय

The Origins Of Plastic Surgery, Columbia University Acknowledges Sushruta

Think plastic surgery is a modern luxury? Think again. It turns out that the roots of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures go back more than 2500 years. It's a common misconception that the "plastic" in "plastic surgery" refers to an artificial material when it actually derives from the Greek word, plastikos, meaning "to mold" or "to … Continue reading The Origins Of Plastic Surgery, Columbia University Acknowledges Sushruta

Health feed: Ayurveda

Ayurveda has a lot of proven results to help keep your skin soft and glowing without spending money. Consuming vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, and radish are easy to digest because of its purifying properties and high-water content. Foods contain healthy fats and Omega-3’s, which have active components responsible for maintaining healthy skin and lowering inflammation … Continue reading Health feed: Ayurveda


Most intelligent disciple among 6 disciples of Punarvashu Atreya. S/O- Devadatta. Other names- Hutasa, Hutasavesa, Vahnivesha. Incarnation of  god Agni. Time period :- Between period of Atharvaveda(1500 BC) and Panini(700 BC) i.e. around 1000 year BC. Work of Agnivesha:-          Agnivesha Tantra  It is divided in to 8 divisions(sthanas) and contains 120 … Continue reading Agnivesha


I. Punarvashu Atreya:- Time period :- 900 year BC Other names- Ateya, Krishna Atreya, Chandrabhaga. Greatest scholar of kayachikitsa. S/O - Sage Atri, hence named as Atreya and Chandrabhagi, hence named Chandrabhaga. Born in punarvashu nakshatra hence called as Punarvashu Atreya. Belongs to Krishnayajurveda shakha hence named Krishna Atreya. Learned ayurveda from Bhardwaja and taught … Continue reading Atreya


He learned the science of ayurveda from Indra and taught to Punarvashu Atreya. 4 persons bearing name Bhardwaja present in ancient India:- Bhardwaja-I Time period :- 1200 year BC Composer of many mantras of Rigveda. Bhardwaja-II Time period:- 900 year BC S/O - Brihaspati and Mamata Participated at assembly of sages arranged at Himalaya to … Continue reading Bhardwaja