PAPER-1 FULL MARKS-80 SECTION-I Q1.Write in detail on- (2×8=16) a)Mrita Sharir Samsodhan evam Shaarira Gyan Prayojana? b) Masanumasika Garbhavriddhikarma as per Sushruta? Q2. Write Short Notes on- (4×4=16) a) Garbha Sambhav Samagri b) Role of Panchamahabhuta in fetal development. c) Types of Asthi and their examples. d) Characters of Suddha Artava. Q3. Write in very … Continue reading BAMS FIRST YEAR QUESTION PAPER OF RACHANA SHARIR

Kostha & Kosthanga

Introduction :- Before constructing a house for selves or transforming them into homes , we all should remember that we are all blessed with a beautiful home of our own immediately when the destiny plans that we are going to descend as tenants into the creation. That home is called  Physical home’.   The human … Continue reading Kostha & Kosthanga


The term marma is etymologically derived from Sanskrit root word “mri(ek)” which represents the sense of vital part of the body According to Dalhana:- “मारयन्तीति मर्माणि” Injuries to “marma” are likely to result fatal. According to Vriddha Vagabhata(astanga sangraha):- “अपि च मरणकारित्वान्मर्म” Which leads to or causes death. The commentetor Arundatta  recognizes the marma as … Continue reading Marma

Anjali Pramana

The study of measurement of body or body parts is called Pramana Sharir. Pramana or Body measurement are measured in 3 ways :- Anjali Pramana (For volume) Anguli Pramana (For length) Sankhya Sharir (For number) Anjali Pramana Other Names :- Kudava, Ardhasarva When two palms of hand are joined together, a cup like pit is … Continue reading Anjali Pramana


ORIGIN:- The term peshi is originated from sanskrit root word- “ Pish mansavyave” Definition:- “मांसवयवसंघात : परस्पंर विभकत: पेशीत्युच्यते”   (सु.शा. - 5/38) Mansa in general term described under sapta dhatu in compact form but when this differetiates get seperated from each other is called as peshi (Dalhan) Importance:-    “सिरा स्नायु अस्थि प संधयर्वाणिच शरीरिणां।   … Continue reading PESHI SHARIR