Guidelines for GMP regarding ASU drugs by Ministry of AYUSH, GOI.

These are the guidelines for the inspection of GMP compliance by ASU drug industry. Click the below link for complete documents :- GMP for ASU drugs, Ministry of AYUSH; GOI.



KASHAYA- It means distortion of the original form of Dravya and making it suitable for use. According to the Kashyapa Samhita, it is defined as :- कण्ठस्य कषणात् प्रायो रोगाणां वाSपि कषर्णात् । कषायशब्दः प्राधान्यात् सर्वयोगेषु कल्प्यते ।। It produces some kind of sensation in throat. (कण्ठस्य कषणात्)It helps in removing the diseases. (रोगाणां वाSपि … Continue reading PANCHAVIDHA KASHAYA KALPANA